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Piano Moving Is No Longer An Issue

Zorn Moving & Storage has moved pianos for decades, across town or anywhere in the country. You value your piano or organ and Zorn Moving understands that. Our trained and professional staff has taken care of pianos for years, and they know the care a piano needs during a move. Years of experience makes the guarantee you get when we move your piano even more valuable. Let the professionals at Zorn Moving in San Jose, CA and El Dorado Hills, CA help you with piano moving today!

Piano Mover Specialists in San Jose, CA

Zorn Moving specializes in transporting the piano or the organ. Whether it is a standup piano or a grand piano, Zorn Moving's movers take the utmost care to avoid even the slightest scratch or ding. We take the time to ensure that the piano is covered and protected during a long haul. We will set up the piano at the destination to your specifications. When we put the customer first, our reliable service shows.

The Complete Approach

Zorn Moving's years of experience transporting pianos and organs has given us a thorough understanding of the problems that beset piano moving in Sacramento, CA and El Dorado Hills, CA. We have a complete approach that encompasses all the variables in the movement of such a valuable item. First, we would never farm out the service to another contractor. When we move a piano, we rely on the experience that has served us well and knowledge to get the job done right.

Only our most experienced movers are trusted with a piano. Our experience has taught us that the experienced mover has proven to be the most sensitive, careful and reliable personnel for the job. Professionalism is an important quality with piano and organ transportation. We do not judge a piano by its exterior. The piano owner alone understands its intrinsic value, and we defer to the owner in all matters.

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Decades of Service in San Jose, CA and El Dorado Hills, CA

Zorn Moving & Storage offers piano and organ moving services to clients in
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